Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mouthy boys!

Today I was driving and I heard all the boys in the back row laughing so I glanced in the rear veiw mirror to see what was so funny know it was probably something they shouldn't be doing. There was Matthew blowing blubbles onto the window. I said "Matthew, bubbles are for outside only. Close your bubbles and put them in your cupholder." To which he responded "You not supposed to be looking at me Mommy, you need to watch the road!"

Later we were out feeding the chickens when I repeatedly told Cameron to come take his turn and he was listening horribly like usual lately. Finally I said "Fine Cameron, you are going to be the one who is sad when you don't get a turn" He turned to me and said "MOM! Reeeellllllaaaaaaxxxxxxxxx!" complete with the relaxing hand movements.

How can you not laugh at them when they say stuff like this? :)

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