Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Kids!

The biggest news is that the Hickey home is officially diaper free!!!! Woo Hoo! We did the 3 day potty training method with some modification, we never pushed for night time training because the woman who wrote the manual clearly never trained quadruplets or she never would have said to throw away every single diaper out of fear of washing four sets of sheets every single day! Matthew trained immediately, Aubrey was ready to be diaper free several months ago. Brady and Cameron decided they were ready to go to bed in undies so after a couple days of waking dry I figured they could try it out. They did great last night and hopefully it will continue because this family is done with diapers forever!

The kids had their recertification at WIC today and were full of energy as usual! It takes forever to get through an appointment there and they get a little restless. Of course there is a ramp up to the bathroom and they have to pee a million times every time we are there so they can run up and down the ramp. I don't know how they can make themselves pee so often but they go every single time! While we were there they had to get weighed, measured and get a finger prick to check their iron level. In the past Matthew has had low iron but he finally is up there in the normal range with the other three. Their weights and heights were great as well, three shorties (like their parents) and one big guy:

28 lbs - 57th percentile
35" - 20th percentile
BMI 16.1 - 44th percentile

34.5 lbs - 97th percentile
37" - 95th percentile
BMI 17.7 - 86th percentile

24.5 lbs - 8th percentile
34 1/8" - 13th percentile
BMI 14.8 - 15th percentile

30 lbs - 76th percentile
35" - 20th percentile
BMI 17.2 -77th percentile

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