Friday, December 30, 2011

5 days past Christmas...

and I can give a review of many of their new toys!

OSO toys- Amazon ran a 70% off sale on many toys just a few days before Christmas and I snached up four different toys ranging from $4.09 to $5.19. I fully expected them to be small little toys but they were OSO and that is the kids favorite thing right now so I bought them. To my surprise three out of four of them were good sized! For less than $19 it was by far my favorite find of the season. I should have bought only these and they would have been happy as they get the most use so far! The only complaint is that there was no Dotty in any of the sets.

Dress up shoes- Let's just say Aubrey is as graceful in her heals as her mother is in well...barefeet??? Enough said!

McDonald's Drive through- They are having a blast with this find from Target at only $35 shipped! It would have even been a decent deal at the full price of $60.

Home Depot Carry All Tool Bench- Very flimsy and not worth the $30. A lot of pieces but many broke within the first 2 days.

Graco nursery- The bouncey seat and the play yard leave much to be desired but the pack and play and stroller make up for it making it a deal for $25.

Toys R Us Deluxe Cleaning set- The kids always want to sweep and mop the floor with my adult sized stuff so this is a hit. I could do without the dry mop that has a handle that falls off every 10 seconds...maybe I should just hide that piece and it would fall on the good list!

Matchboxes- They love them and love to scatter them everywhere!

Play Doh- Always a hit and you can never have enough in this house. They are Play-Doh artists for sure and I must sweep up a container full a week off the floor so now we have plenty to replace it with!

Discovery Kids Digital Cameras- Other than the fact that Aubrey's came in broken I think I like these. The kids love taking pictures and getting to review them. I got a fantastic deal online Black Friday and paid a mere $16 each for these full price was nearly $50 and I have to say as much as I like them I wouldn't think they are worth $50.

Vtech Laptops- We had one of these from years ago in the day care room and they fight over it CONSTANTLY so when I spotted them for $10 each I of course grabbed 4 of them. Do you think they would all want to play with them...nope they prefer the one that doesn't work that we have had for years!

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