Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review

January- We started the year off with ear infections, colds and respitory infections. Luckily we have made it through 2 winters without RSV and I am hoping that we make it through this one as well. The boys got their first haircuts and they all said good bye to high chairs and moved onto the toddler table!

February- We were able to have some outdoor play and Aubrey was not to fond of the snow or the cold. Aubrey decided to join her brothers walking around everywhere.

March- The quaddlers turned 18 months! Aubrey got her first haircut and they got their first pets...2 beta fish. It had been 2 years since we first found out we were having quads and I think the shock still hadn't worn off.

April- They got to take their little 4 wheelers out for the first test run and had a blast riding them everywhere. The first Easter Egg hunt was a hit and we even brought them to church on Easter morning.

May- The quads discovered Mickey Mouse Club House and have been singing the M-I-C-K-E-Y song everyday since then! The weather was warm and there was a lot of outside play. We got a new Quadmobile and I attended Quadvention 2011 with 11 other quad fun!

June- They all started swimming lessons and were trying to count and say their ABC's. We attended the Father's Day Fishing Derby and took Daddy to Santa's Village for Father's Day.

July- July was a busy month for us! They attended their first wedding, checked out another country when we went to Granby Zoo, had a blast at Story Land with 3 other quad families, went swimming at South Pond.

August- Had our first tenting experience (and last until the painful memories fade), spent a weekend at Old Orchard Beach, and returned for a free day at Santa's Village. Our easy bedtimes were a thing of the past and still are. Imaginations began running wild in our home and they brought play time to new level.

September- We celebrated birthday #2 in a fitting manner...a circus themed birthday party with many friends and family in attendance. We had our first trip to Build A Bear on their birthday and got two baby bunnies who have since reproduced. Grammie and I took the foursome to Connecticut for a weekend and they helped Daddy build a new shed.

October- The quaddlers potty trained! We enjoyed pumpkin carving and trick or treating as Smores for the very first time and even won a prize for having the most original costumes.

November- Cameron failed his hearing test which resulted in ear tube surgery and speech for him. Aubrey found her new BFF in baby Abby. They discovered how fun baking with Mommy was and ask to do so regularly now.

December- We booked our Disney vacation for next September and I started selling Scentsy to fund our little adventure. Cameron fell in love with all things Elmo. Christmas was full of excitement in our home. The elf of the shelf Jingle B made each morning an adventure. We rang in the New Year by hanging out, eating junk, watching movies and having a camp out in the living room.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

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