Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is it easier now?

I think these days this is the most often asked question when people see us out and about. I remember back when I was pregnant and the early days of having the quads asking fellow quad moms when it would get easier and I was always told "it never gets easier, it just gets different". I never fully understood what they meant back then but now it is the answer I give!

In the beginning the babies were being fed every 3-4 hours, there were countless diaper changes, laundry and bottles to clean and make up. As they grew and became awake more we wondered how we thought the previous months were so hard. They were now sleeping through the night but during the wake hours they were in need of entertainment and we were the entertainment.

They grew some more and were moving around and getting into everything. We wondered how we thought the past few months were hard...they always had stayed in the same spot you left them!

They grew, they grew and they grew and they grew..soon they were a year old and beginning to walk and talk. They began to climb and fight over toys and all wanted attention at the same time. How could we have thought the first year was hard? Wasn't this harder?

Now that we have two year olds who have a mind of their own and are very strong willed we we look back at the past two years that have flown by and realize that everyone was right...it never gets easier just different!

With all that said I wouldn't change a thing! As crazy as our lives are with four toddlers we are so blessed to have four little arms to hug us, four little lips that kiss us good night and say "I love you to the moon and back". After all nothing that is ever worth anything comes easy!

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