Thursday, September 1, 2011

The crazy things people do

I haven't blogged in awhile, not for lack of things to say but because I wasn't really sure if I was going to continue on with a public blog or if I was going to change our privacy settings and keep it just as a memory book for us to be able to look back on and share with our children.

In the past several months I have discovered several followers that are pretending to have multiples or that are pregnant with multiples. Fortunately fakers are fairly easy to pick out and we have a little group of quad mommas that are pretty good at catching them. Also there have been other quad moms who have had their personal pictures stolen in the recent months and had people claim that they are their children.

No one has yet stolen our pictures or our story but it makes me a little nervous that we put all this information out there and pictures of our children out there when there are people like this following our blog. I do not want to put us in the situation where the kids are in danger of crazy strangers.

For now I have decided to keep blogging and letting our loyal readers enjoy watching the kids grow however if the day comes when you try to come to this page and it says you do not have permission to read this blog then you will know why.


  1. they have programs were you can put your blog name on the pics and protect them so if someone clicks on them it wont let them download the pic. I have seen it used on other blogs


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