Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 year check up


Today was the 2 year well chid check for the quaddlers. They each had their moments where they lacked the ability to cooperate with others but somehow they were able to all get checked and our questions and concerns were answered.

All four of them are doing excellent and in very good health. We have been most concerned about Cameron and his need for the nebulizer treatments whenever he gets a cold, he knows he needs it and will bring us to it so he can feel better. He has been put on a preventative inhaler that he has to use daily as well as a rescue inhaler for when he has a weezing attack. Hopefully this is something he will outgrow but if not at least it will be controlled. We also have been a little concerned about his speech and have wondered if his hearing is what causes him to muffle his words and speak through his nose. We spoke with the doctor and she immediately said she agreed that he should have his hearing tested so we will be going to DHMC for an evaluation soon.

Matthew has been suffering from some nightmares and unfortunately there is nothing we can do for him but give him some reassurance when they wake him up and help him through his fears. If we start finding that they are happening at the same time every night she advised that they were more like night terrors and that we could wake him just prior to the normal terror time and it might stop them from happening.

We really had no concerns at this time about either Brady or Aubrey and they both did great with their exams. They all had led testing done and were very good about getting their finger pricked. They did the nasal flu vaccine this year and all tolerated that well too. Now for their stats!

Height 33" percentile 25th
Weight 26 lbs 2 oz percentile 30th
Head circumfrance 19.5" percentile 75th

Height 35.75" percentile 90th
Weight 32 lbs 2oz percentile 95th
Head circumfrance 20" percentile 90th

Height 32.25" percentile 45th
Weight 23lbs 6 oz percentile 15th
Head circumfrance 19" percentile 75th

Height 33" percentile 25th
Weight 27 lbs 4 oz percentile 30th
Head circumfrance 19.5" percentile 75th

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