Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vocabulary explosion

The quaddlers are chatting up a storm lately, granted a lot of time it is in their own special language but I love hearing all the new words they are coming out with. They are discovering that words actually stand for things and have been calling people and items by the names they have designated for them. It is just amazing to hear their little voices come out with cute little words.

Brady has been cracking us up with his ability to "read" books to everyone. He will babble along, look up, turn the page and start "reading" all over again. It is quite comical.

They are all starting to sing along with music and Matthew is quite the singer lately especially when he sings "bitsy spy-er". I have got to get this on video but every time I take the camera out they get all shy and stop being cute.

Aubrey is a little mother hen telling her brothers to "stop", "get down", "no", "sit" and many other things that I cannot understand! Of course they listen to her as well as they listen to me so she gets a little annoyed with them.

Cameron is still the quiet one for the most part and doesn't have much to say but when he does talk he usually makes himself laugh. He must be the comedian of the group!

It seems like every day they say new words and do something new that makes me so proud yet so sad at the same time. They are growing too fast!

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