Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

This year has been filled with lots of firsts and many lasts as well as the babies grew into toddlers but it is a year that was filled with happiness, laughter and new experiences. I am sure 2011 will be an amazing year!

January 2010- Friends and family gathered to celebrate the babies baptism. We took them on their first road trip to Boston to see some of their old NICU nurses and upon coming home they made the move into their big boy/girl cribs.

February 2010- Aubrey got her ears pierced! We spent our first weekend at camp with the Styles family for the Annual Fishing Derby.

March 2010- Happy 1/2 birthday...We celebrated with rice cereal! Cameron got to be the first one to visit the ER with bronciolitis. Brady got the croup, Matthew got fitted for his helmet and Aubrey got cleared of ROP.

April 2010- We celebrated the babies first Easter, all four of them learned to roll to get where theyt wanted to go and they could all sit unassisted. We introduced sippy cups and vegetables.

May 2010- Cameron was a trooper getting through his second surgery in his short life. I finally celebrated Mother's Day as a mommy! Matthew said bye bye to his helmet and hello to his first tooth. We took the babies to their first parade and swimming for the first time.

June 2010- Ben celebrated his first Father's Day. Ben and I spent our first night baby-free. The boys moved into convertable car seats from their infant carriers and we all took a trip to the carnival.

July 2010- We went to my family reunion, a trip to the zoo and I took a fall down the stairs that led to a broken wrist. All four of them now had teeth, clapping and crawling were new tricks.

August 2010- We said bye bye to bottles, went on vacation to Old Orchard Beach and took a trip to Story Land and Santa's Village. Peek a boo was the game of the month, especially using doors to play it.

September 2010- FIRST BIRTHDAY! Many friends and family came to celebrate and they got far too spoiled! We spent lots of time at the Lancaster Fair and the babies loved it. Words were coming all the time and they loved to babble.

October 2010- Not our first Halloween but the first time celebrating. They were the cutest fruit basket around. We went to Connecticut for a baby shower and stopped in the NICU to show how big they had grown. As an early Christmas present we got the Choo Choo wagon.

November 2010- Bye Bye pacis! They had been gone for months during the day but we made the plunge and got rid of them for good. We took a trip to Chuck E Cheese and celebrated Thanksgiving.

December 2010- The quaddlers had their first trip to the dentist, explored the Christmas tree and loved ripping into gifts. Christmas was so fun with the four of them!

We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year!

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