Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First trip to the Dentist

Auntie Kate, my mom and I took the babies to Concord Pediatric Dentistry for their very first dental exam yesterday and they were sooooo good. Brady showed off a little by showing them how he brushed his teeth and they were very happy with the fact that all four of them were bottle free by a year, pacifier free during the day at 10 months and totally free of the paci by 14 months.

All four of them had rave reviews on their diet and brushing habits. The only time that the babies cried was when the dentist examined their mouth and brushed the flouride on. They were happy as could be sitting in the chair and exploring the office.

After the dentist we made a stop at Toys R Us and Aubrey found a lot of toys that she wanted to have. She pointed at everything and smiled when we showed her different things. The boys could have cared less, they hung out in the carts and just talked to each other.

Grammie treated us all to lunch at the Olive Garden and the babies were the main attraction as always. The waitstaff had so many questions I considered using some of the lines from the facebook video I posted last week! One of these days it will happen! :)

Aubrey has her follow up eye exam this week in Dartmouth so we will be on the road again! All six of us are going to go and pay a visit to the staff in Oncology that treated Ben so well during his time down there. They are looking forward to seeing the babies!


  1. Kari- that is awesome they did so well at the dentist. Ours will go for the first time next week. Yummy...Olive Garden- I'm glad things went well today! :)

  2. I'm glad they all did great at the dentist. It's normal for them to be scared at first because the environment is quite new to them. But I'm sure they'll overcome it and they'll be brave like other kiddos. =)


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