Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trip to the Eye Clinic

Aubrey had her six month visit to the Eye Clinic at CHAD today and her focus and following were great. The only concern is that she tends to tilt her head down and look upward rather than just following an object with her eyes when it is moved downwards. She still is showing signs of farsidedness so they plan to keep an eye on that as well. I was told that it doesn't mean that she will need glasses in the future but it is something that needs to be checked every so often.

It was also recommended that the boys have eye exams at Aubrey's next check as well. They were never tested for ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) because their birthweight was over 3 lbs and they were born after the 31 week mark so the doctors didn't feel they were at risk. Aubrey was born at 3 lbs 1 oz so they thought she should get checked and she was diagnosed with Stage I and had follow up exams regularly and it cleared up on its own. The doctor doubts that they have ROP but she did feel that a quick check was in order.

Looks like I will be taking LOTS of help to that appointment as Aubrey was miserable when I had to have her eyes dialated at her last appointment and they plan on doing the same procedure on all four of them at that visit. YIKES!

We attempted to take the babies to the Christmas Concert that the elementary school this evening. I say attempt because it was a total failure! The babies were not behaving well and disrupting everyone around us so we decided to leave half way through. I think the day in the car and not having a chance to burn off any energy didn't set them up very good for sitting and watching. Evan was sad that he didn't get to see us after his performance but at least we got to see him up there singing during his first ever Christmas Concert. Hopefully Saturday night will be better when we attempt to go to the Make a Wish Dance Recital!

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