Friday, December 17, 2010

15 months!

Where has the time gone? It is so hard to believe 15 months has passed since my heart grew fuller than I ever imagined! As our babies are now toddlers I sometimes get sad looking back at pictures of them as newborns. As much as I miss those days, I love each day with them that is filled with fun, laughter and new challenges. They sure keep us on our toes and wear us out and some days you just have to laugh at everything or else you will be crying!

Matthew, I love the way you always kiss us, your brothers and sister and all babies. You are definitely my most vocal and I love the way when anyone asks "whassat?" you always answer in an annoyed tone "a wall!" You love to tease everyone and push your luck but your cute smile and the little "awe" you do as you lean in for a kiss always makes it hard to stay mad at you. Your red hair sets you apart from the others and your fun personality makes everyone laugh. I love you Matty Boo!

Brady, I love the way you love to cuddle whenever you wake up. I love the way you are so proud of yourself for walking and climbing onto things you shouldn't. Sometimes you give me a heart attack with your adventuresome spirit but I am so glad you aren't afraid to try new things. You have an independant streak that sets you apart from the rest and the way you say "momma" ALL.THE.TIME. makes everyone around you laugh. I love you Brady Monster!

Aubrey, I love your little giggle and the way you love to play shy. I love the way you are so girlie and love to wear pretty things and have cute shoes on. You never let your brothers get the best of you and if they try you always cry to daddy. I love the way you like to dance every time you hear music playing and laugh at the way you look like you are conducting a band while doing it. Your sweet little smile makes everyone think you are so innocent. I love you Aubrey Peaches!

Cameron, I love your laugh and your handsome smile. You make me laugh when you make me chase you as you shake your head no and laugh. I love how you always try to do every thing anyone else can do. You might not be the first to do it all but you are usually the first to master it. Your determination makes me proud and your shyness fools everyone into believing you are so quiet but you are just as crazy as the rest of them. I love you Cam Cam Man!

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  1. What a beautiful post~ Happy 15 months quads. Where has the time gone? I'm also looking back at baby pictures and then I see these big toddlers wrecking my house and I just have to smile.


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