Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where does the time go???

A year ago this week I was put in the hospital with pre-eclampsia and given the steriod shots in anticipation of the babies early arrival. Luckily they held out another 15 days! I cannot believe that a year has gone by, it seems like just yesterday I was getting daily ultrasounds, hourly doppler checks, and the cafeteria was forgetting my carrot cake...hey I was pregnant x4 and needed my calories! ;) In less than three weeks weeks my teeny tiny preemies will be toddlers!

I do not know how parents of quintuplets or more do it! We had my 9 month old nephew for the day today and it seemed like we had 10 extra kids. We have 4 hands so we are always able to grab all 4 if need be but with 5 someone always is able to get away. Today Brady took advantage of it at the birthday party we went to by climbing and eating rocks. That boy is all boy!

Our county fair is starting Monday and Ben is a HUGE fair fan! He intends on moving our nightly walks to the fair grounds. I am sure the kids are going to love the sights, animals, rides, and lights. Luckily they are still to little to want to ride the rides, play the games and eat the food...give them a couple years and we will be taking out a personal loan to cover the 6 days the fair is in town.

This week has been crazy with sick babies, appointments and my physical therapy. It is a pain in the but to have to go there twice a week but it is definitely helping me get some movement back in my wrist. I think the babies really like the fact I can pick them up and do all the things they need me to again. I was lucky enough not to catch the bug that the babies and Ben had.

We had a new Early Supports person come and work with the babies this week and they really seemed to like her. Ben and I were under the impression that they would no longer be qualifying for the services after their first birthday but we were thrilled to learn this will not be the case. They are all doing well but still have not reached their actual age milestones yet. I am just thrilled to have four very healthy babies that are doing as well as they are. Our family was truly blessed!


  1. It all just goes by way too fast. I swear we were just pregnant and now here we are with toddlers getting into everything. I love the new siggy! Enjoy the fair and the last days before they turn 1!

  2. So funny - I'm a triplet mom and always wonder how quad moms do it. And to you, quint moms have it tough! Seems like anything more than what we already have sounds overwhelming, while one less seems so easy - when I just have two to take care of it's a piece of cake!

  3. I can't believe their birthday is right around the corner!! Enjoy your time at the fair. They might not ride the rides, but they'll want the food, especially some ice cream :) Don't worry, T, Peyton and I got a cold for you... you should be set. Glad they're feeling better. Miss you, hope all's well.

  4. I can't even imagine.... It's a real thrill to know they a strong and healthy and full of beans. BUT, thank goodness for four hands!

  5. Time is flying! I think you are amazing how you handle all these blessings! - Tkeys


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