Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1 month until the big party!

Decorations are in, invites are out, outfits have been purchased, goody bags ready to stuff, just waiting for the big day. We are so excited for their party but so sad about them turning one. It seems that this year has passed far faster than any previous and I hope time begins to slow down.

We have gotten a lot of comments about how cute the invites are and I wish I could take credit for them but the creator was a friend of mine Mandy King. She is so creative and we are fortunate that she was willing to make them for us...thanks again Mandy!


People have been asking what the babies want/need for their birthday so we made a wish list at Toys R Us under Hickey Quads.
We are in the process of turning our den into the babies playroom so they can keep thier new toys seperate from the day care playroom and so they can be downstairs while we are instead of up in thier room.

Others have been asking about sizing so for fall/winter we are looking at:
Matthew- Tops 18 months, Bottoms 12 months, PJ's 18 months
Brady- Tops 24 months, Bottom 18 months, PJ's 24 months
Aubrey- Tops 12 months, Bottoms 9-12 months, PJ's 12 months
Cameron- Tops 18 months, Bottoms 18 monthsm PJ's 18 months

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  1. It is insane how fast the time is flying. Weren't we just pregnant living in a hospital??? Enjoy this last month of them being babies and I bet the party will be a hit!!!!


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