Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bye- Bye Bottles!

All 4 of the babies have mastered sippy cups so we decided it was time for the bottles to be gone. We have them down to just a bottle at bedtime right now but that will be gone soon too. It is kind of sad to see our babies turning into toddlers before our eyes. They all get very excited to see their bottles at bedtime but do not balk up about taking a cup during the day so I think they will be fine when we drop the bedtime bottle it is us wanting to hold onto the baby stage that is holding them back.

Their pacis are another story! I think Matthew and Aubrey are going to be the maddest of the four when they get taken away. I want them gone by the time their first birthday is here so we are trying to decide if it is best to limit them to bed/nap time only then take them away or just take them cold turkey...any suggestions?

Aubrey has decided she is sick of being immobile and is trying hard to get herself moving like her brothers, unfortunately she is going backwards while the others are going forward so that tends to make her mad. Yesterday Matthew kept taking her snuggy and crawling away with it, dropping it 10 ft or so from her so she would have to come get it. Do you think he was encouraging her to crawl or teasing her? My money is on teasing!

Brady seems to think it is funny to throw things lately so at snack time the other day he kept throwing his cup on the floor. After picking it up 4-5 times I told him if he threw it again snack time was over for him. So how does he respond? He reaches over, takes his sister's cup and throws it. Looks at her says "haha" and looks at me like "OK, snack time is over for Aubrey, can I have the rest of her yogurt melts?" LOL!

I did a weight check on our home scale since it has been almost 2 months since they were weighed and was surprised to find Cameron weighs only 3 oz more than Matthew. He feels much heavier! Matthew is weighing in at 21 lbs 5 oz, Brady 25 lbs 1 oz, Aubrey 17 lbs 8 oz and Cameron 21 lbs 8 oz. Amazing how much they have grown in 11 months.

Well, this week we will have 11 month olds! One more month until they are toddlers, UNBELIEVABLE!


  1. Look, I think I figured it out! WOw Kari. SOunds like you're doing great with the bottles! Keep it up. When you figure the trick out with the pacis, PLEASE let me know. My little man gets his when he's sleeping and in the car, but lately with teething he's been getting it off and on during the day. I say the boys like to pick on and tease Aubrey :) Wait until they're older and they have bf's to take care of, it'll change :) The kiddos weigh about what P does! Should I be worried for this weekend? Are they going to beat him up, lol. Can't wait to see you guys.

  2. Yay for no more bottles! My money would be on teasing too, that just made me laugh. I could so see one of my boys doing that to their brother. They are all growing so well! I need to check in here more, your stories make me smile every time I read about them.

    When it came to weaning my 2nd off of the paci, I just took it away. I didn't give it to him when he went to bed, and in the morning I didn't offer it either, told him I threw them away. He never asked for it again. 3 mo later he found one under the couch, and walked it to the trash himself.


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