Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week of fun in the sun...well hopefully there is sun!

We took the babies to the street fair yesterday and they loved seeing all the people. We of course attracted a lot of attention and they posed for a couple photos. After 3 or 4 people asked to take pictures Cameron thought he would be a funny man and smack himself in the head a couple times anyone asked to take his picture. Afterwords we went to a birthday party and the quads loved the cake. I can't wait until they have their cakes to destroy!

Today we spent the day at the lake with the Styles Clan. It was nice just to relax and let the babies play in the grass and spend some time in the water. Aubrey, the diva she is, loved playing in the water as long as she was being held but not so much in her float.

Cameron and Matthew both figured out how to clap so I need to get some videos of that soon. Cameron is following his brothers around the house and now that they can move around we can't hide anywhere!

We have a busy week ahead! We are heading to Santa's Village with Uncle Dan and Auntie Allison then off to Old Orchard Beach for a couple days of camping, I start physical therapy the end of the week then finish off with Story Land with Uncle Tom and Auntie Kate. Man these babies have more of a social life than I ever had!

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun. I bet you will never get over the specticle of Quads no matter where you go.


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