Saturday, March 2, 2013

Catching up!

I was gently reminded via facebook that I really needed to blog because it had been awhile.  There is always something going on that I intend to blog about but the days are never long enough and I never seem to know just what to write when it is just our daily life but we have had some exciting news around here!

First up Ben got a new job!  He started Monday working for VTrans out of Lunenburg.  It was a relief for him to find a job that provides us with medical insurance, a retirement plan and paid time off.  There are so many things we want to do with the kids in the summer and now we will be able to because he will have the opportunity to have time off.  A positive change for our family!

In November of 2011, I joined a company called Scentsy then added the Velata line up in May 2012.  I planned on using the money earned from the company to help us do the extras we couldn't afford otherwise. In July 2012, Scentsy released information on the incentive trip for the year and in the list of choices was Hawaii...somewhere I had always dreamed of going but never thought I would get there.  I set my sights on hitting the incentive and earning the free trip.  Through my hard work and the hard work of my team I was able to earn a solo trip and the opportunity to buy in a guest.  When all the details came out on how the picking was going to go I was fairly certain I wouldn't have to opportunity to pick Hawaii.  Someone was watching out for me and wanting my dream to come true because I got HAWAII!!! With Ben just starting at his new job he wasn't about to ask for time off so my mom paid the buy in so I didn't have to go solo.  Now it is just figuring out coverage for the kiddos!

This week has been school vacation so life here has been a little crazy but the kids enjoyed having different kids to play with and we even snuck in a trip to the children's museum in North Conway with the other quads...that will be a seperate post soon!

The kids have been asking all week for a camp out in the livingroom but I convinced them we needed to wait until Friday so we didn't have day care in the morning because I knew that they would want to be up late and I didn't want to worry about getting everything picked up before 6:45am.  Stay up late was an understatement...they were up until after 10pm and still were up for the day at 6am!  Needless to say nap time was a necessity today!

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