Thursday, March 28, 2013

End of an Era...

Last week we said goodbye to naps.  It was kind of a bittersweet moment in our house...sad because it is unbelievable that they are really old enough to give them up but happy with the results of no naps!  No naps means bed at 7-7:15 and sound asleep within minutes, giving me some downtime and time to get things done that I don't have time for during the day.

The past several months of trying to salvage nap time has been stressful to say the least!  It was two hours of them needing something, whining, crying, talking, me getting increasingly frustrated, one or two maybe falling asleep for 45 minutes while the rest rolled around being louder and louder which in turn made bed time be the exact same way.  The one or two that fell asleep at nap time were up for an hour or more at bed time and the others were out cold in minutes.  Three to four hours of stress, aggravation, and lots of both mom and kiddos...each day just wasn't worth it anymore!

Nap time is a challenge because we still have the daycare here five days a week so being quiet is a challenge.  I don't allow them to have much TV so trying to find other quiet activities five days a week is difficult but it is far less stressful than the alternative.  Bedtime without a peep is worth it all!

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  1. Yet another milestone reached as the quads continue growing up! Is it just me, or is time passing too quickly? Have a happy Easter :)


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