Monday, March 11, 2013

The Royal Sleepover!

Ever since Aubrey saw the episode of Sofia the First about the Royal Sleepover she has been asking to have one.  When the chance came up for her bestie Kamryn to come spend the night, Aubrey was overjoyed!  I think we could have gotten her to do ANYTHING yesterday..."If you want Kam to come you need to ______!"

After I picked Kamryn up I looked in the rear view mirror and they were both grinning ear to ear!  We met the boys at McDonald's for a little supper and they were all treated to Happy Meals.  The girls were very excited to find crowns in their bags!  The little Princesses of McDonald's!
 photo 51466c13-e17a-4535-a1a2-3c81bc591b0f_zpse29e35df.jpg

We got home and the little Princesses took a bath then put on some Princess night dresses then we headed down stairs for mani/pedi's while the boys took their turn in the tub.  A little sparkle!
 photo e6dc50b1-2dac-4601-b965-b9c83f76493d_zpsb4d1552c.jpg

 photo 6c7ad1d0-cf2a-46f1-ad2c-8286e44be527_zps82a5178c.jpg

 photo 9b04a959-42e6-493c-8d8d-83385813b500_zpsb66c541b.jpg

Next up the girls made me sparkly!
 photo a0bbbbe4-1298-4136-902e-070b7f24d7f6_zps867a7565.jpg

 photo d07edfeb-d93c-4786-80c7-a33fcd732ec1_zpse55848a0.jpg

 photo ec0b25ad-6862-4345-b2fc-ff337d5ee2ee_zpsea78305a.jpg

 photo ddb23c16-b82f-4f22-afb3-96c73cec3b8d_zps063ef1a4.jpg

Beautiful friends!
 photo 1eeaecd0-6e29-40b5-a9e8-cf9ca8411150_zps71aecf3e.jpg

A little snack and some Tangled before bed!
 photo 9153badd-49a0-4dc2-9588-a2c17c94171a_zpsd28ba5c9.jpg

First they wanted to have separate beds, then they decided to share a bed...
 photo 081_zps52f54256.jpg

Then they all decided a camp out was in order!
 photo 083_zps61710621.jpg

 photo 084_zpsccaa06a4.jpg

 photo 082_zps6476711e.jpg

 photo 086_zps57b10590.jpg

 photo 087_zps2fd61bfd.jpg

The boys!
 photo 085_zps8779dc27.jpg

The girls!
 photo 088_zps79383944.jpg


  1. My daughter Sophia is obsessed with Sofia too , We picked her up the plush doll at the disney store the other day and she as yet to put it down ... she is just 2 yrs old now and I am pretty sure she thinks she is the cartoon character :-) ... looks like the girls had lots of fun together !!

  2. Such fun times! It looks like everyone had a blast.


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