Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baking with Bumpa

The kids were excited when Bumpa came over with stuff to make sugar cookies and brownie bites and something to decorate them too!  They all love to cook so this was a fun treat for them!

 photo 6363d581-780a-4564-80f0-59340368bcd5_zpscd0abe7f.jpg

 photo df32e684-28e6-496e-a4ea-59906a384cd4_zps993d0383.jpg

 photo 83557a55-9aab-4253-9702-2685d8dcbced_zps2e74c026.jpg

 photo 6eee0e1e-89f7-48d3-9c6c-050fc1dbe370_zps5b65d606.jpg

 photo 1379cfa9-4d71-48fb-b0ae-4887efd72983_zpsaebe66e8.jpg

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