Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"I don't like mashin' tatoes!"

Although Aubrey's favorite food of all time is Shepherd's Pie she insists she doesn't like mashed potatoes.  She gags just putting them in her mouth.  The other day I was making Shepherd's Pie and she saw me making mashed potatoes and asked what they were for because "I don't like mashin' tatoes!"  I looked at her like she had two heads and told her I was making Shephard's Pie.  She said "So, the mashin' tatoes are for supper?  Do I have to eat them?"  I realized that she didn't realize that they were actually in the Shepherd's Pie so I told her yes.

When dinner time came around she asked where they were so I told her I threw them out because I knew she didn't like them.  Ben asked them what they had for lunch and she told him "My favorite!  Shepherd's Pie!" So I asked her what was in Shepherd's Pie and she said "Hamburger, corn and Shephard's Pie!"  I guess we will keep the mashed potato secret a little longer so we don't ruin her favorite food!

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