Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh the DRAMA!!!!

I tend to be a fairly self sufficient, drama free person so I always wonder what I ever did to deserve such a drama filled daughter. Everything she wants she wants it now and get it herself??? NEVER!!! That is what her servents, I mean brothers, are for. She can turn on the tears at the drop of the hat and she knows how to work them. Her life just about ends anytime she cannot find her snuggy by that I mean if she stands there and cries "Where my suggggggiiiiieeeeeee goooooo?" while everyone else looks for it.

Her latest kick is when she has the littlest boo boo like her teeth hurt, the skin on her foot peels, or she breaks a nail she cries "I need go doctors". I thank God each an every day that I was only blessed with one little princess. She is so lucky that she is so cute and I love her so much! Just to show how cute she is check her out doing her ABC's...

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