Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creatures of Habit

These four are definitely creatures of habit. They know their routine and get very aggitated when you divert from it, unless they are the ones who want to change it up.

We have 2 sets of sippy cups that we use regularly and they each know which cup belongs to whom and if you mistakenly put juice in their milk cup they refuse to drink out of it. You must then switch cups immediately because there is no way you can drink juice out of a milk cup!

Bowls and plates also belong to certain people. Brady gets blue, Aubrey gets pink, Matthew gets red in one set yellow in the other, and Cameron gets green. They are a little more flexible with their forks and spoons except for Brady who NEEDS to use the blue one.

At bedtime Cameron has to lay on his big brown pillow, be covered with his little blue and brown stripped blanket then his elephant pillow pet and him need to be covered with his fleece blanket. He needs to have his blue dog, his fox and his Bella dog all around him. Aubrey needs to lay on her kitty pillow pet with her snuggy in hand and you need to cover her with both her fleece blanket and her "big snuggy" nothing but those things are allowed to be anywhere near her in her crib. Matthew needs to lay on his big brown pillow with his lion pillow pet laying right beside him then covered up with his blue blankie that his buddy Matt passed down to him when he was born and depending on the mood he sometimes wants his fleece blanket as well. The entire foot of his crib is covered in stuffed animals and trust me he knows what he has in there and if anything is missing. Brady lays the width of his crib instead of lengthwise with his bear pillow pet turned upside down and backwards. He needs his Daisy dog, his Brittney dog and his blue Doggie-O all around him and under his fleece blanket with him.

We have to sing 4 songs then I have to cover them all up because they don't think that daddy can do it. After I tuck them in I always tell them that I love them to the moon and back one night I only said I love you to Aubrey and she went into hysterics until I figured out what she was saying and I told her that I loved her to the moon and back then she settled down and went to sleep.

I guess that is my payback for being so scheduled!

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