Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brady the monster

I think Brady is determined to give me a heart attack! When he was just over a year old he was the first one to ever pass out on me...after falling off the couch and I rushed him to the ER thinking that he was seriously hurt. Turns out he was fine, thankfully! This morning I was cleaning up a cut with some peroxide then I put it down to finish cleaning it up. I looked down and there was Brady taking a big swig off the bottle!

I immediately freaked out! Grabbed the bottle and him and ran into the kitchen to call Poison Control. I was home with the four of them alone and hysterical. The woman on the other end must have thought she was dealing with a complete psycho! Anyway...I guess peroxide is something they give to induce vomiting and just one drink of it won't hurt him.

Lesson learned...don't underestimate the things they will do right under your nose!

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