Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cameron and Mommy's Days out

Cameron and I have had a couple days out together lately. The first one was for his developmental consultation with Early Supports and Services. We have been concerned about his speech for some time now and we finally got him in for an evaluation. He scored awesome in every aspect of his development, mostly on a 30-36 month level however with his speech audibility he only scored around an 18 month level. He ended up qualifying for services based on the speech therapist recommendation because gets so easily upset and acts out when he is not understood.

Cameron was very excited to go hang out alone with mom so we had a lunch date after his appointment, during lunch he started missing his brothers and sister and was asking to go home. It is sweet to see they actually do love each other even though they fight like cats and dog most days!

Our second day out was yesterday when we travelled to Dartmouth for his hearing test. He failed his hearing test miserably! He only responded to the tones with his left ear 1% of the time and his right 50% of the time. Looking back on his records the doctor saw that he almost always has fluid in his ears and thinks that putting short term tubes in should help him hear and in turn help his speech. I know it is a simple procedure but I am still nervous about my little guy going under.

The others are jealous and want alone time too but it is so hard to do when you have to find someone to watch the other three and that is not a task that many people are willing to do so for now even trips to the store or errands with either Ben or I while the other stays with the other kids is going to have to work.

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