Tuesday, October 18, 2011

25 months


I cannot get over how these teeny tiny babies turned into these big kids in what seems like overnight. I love the way they interact and play with each other. The big thing right now is when one of them goes on the potty the others high five, fist pump, do the potty dance for them. It is so funny!

Potty training is going fabulous! Today we only had 2 accidents and one of them was while Matthew was in time out. I think it was his way of paying me back for making him go in time out! Aubrey has definitely figured out that her claims of needing to pee can prolong bedtime. Little stinker!

The kids all have "their spots" on the furniture and no one, I mean NO ONE, can sit there! They are famous for the say "no more room" when there are 3 on the loveseat and the 4th wants to climb up. They just spread out a little so they can ensure that the 4th doesn't get up there.

Time can stop any time!

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  1. Cute little kids. A lovely post to read through. A busy time, but lots of fun...enjoy.


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