Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes...

I don't know where these kids come up with half the things they say. They are too smart for their own good. They make me laugh, even when I know that I shouldn't be laughing at them. I want to remember all these things so what better place to write them down than in our blog!

"Oh No! Daddy's driving!" says Matthew with his hands over his eyes.

As I was out grilling dinner I told the kids to stay in the house because it was raining. Brady decided it was his job to tell me "Mommy in house right now...1...2...3" then he spanked my butt because I didn't listen to him.

We got new cups this weekend and Cameron is in charge of keeping everyone's straight. He follows me to the fridge and tells me who gets which one. This morning I decided to joke around with him and tell him that Brady's cup was Matthew's and he said "no, Matt's...Crazy momma!"

Whenever I am looking for something and Aubrey hears me say it out loud she comes running from any room yelling "I get it!"

They are little tattle tales lately! "I tell mommy" "no, I tell mommy" then they proceed to tell me whatever they think is tattle worthy.

They chase each other around the house all crouched over saying "I gonna get you!"

First thing in the morning they always ask me "I go bye bye?" if I say not right now or not today they will ask me "It raining out?"

When it is time to get ready for something at least ine if them will dive into the ball pit, cover with balls and say "You can't find me!" We would never guess you were hiding in the ball bit for the millionth time!

When they are playing they will take their stuff and say "Bye Bye, see you tomorrow". I think somedays they wish they went to day care so they could leave this house every day!

"I" goes in front of everything! "I slide?", "I eat suppie", etc. EXCEPT when I ask who did something wrong... 90% of the time they throw Matthew under the bus whether he did it or not!

Ben and I really need to watch our mouths a little more closely. No matter where they are in the house they can't hear us telling them not to do something you know they can hear us if we even whisper a swear and little Miss Potty Mouth likes to sit there and repeat it all the while smirking at us when we catch her. Thankfully she keeps those words to her self after getting "the look".

We talk about what the animals say and they sound so cute making the animal noises. They can also make car noise, bike noises, and when Ben asks them what Grammie says they always answer "No, No, No" the more Ben laughs the louder they say it!

They always announce very loudly that it is their turn when they want to do something that one of their siblings is doing.

Cameron finally will call himself "Ca-Cam" instead of Matt, Matthew calls himself "Maaachew", Brady calls himself "Braylee" and Aubrey calls herself "Aubee".

The absolute best sentence they have been saying to me lately is "Love You Mommy!" It melts my heart every single time!

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