Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleeping fun

Ever since Brady learned to pull himself up he thinks that when it is time to go to bed he should just stand up and laugh about it. As each baby learned to pull up in bed Brady would cheer them on. Tonight Cameron pulled himself up for the very first time ever. I am sooooo proud of him. Brady was even more proud than I was I think. He was jumping up and down in his bed and saying "YAAAAAAAAAAAYY!"

Nap time has become a bit of an obstacle. Brady and Matthew think that they can sleep a half an hour per day and be good to go. I tend to disagree with them. I am tired of the crying and whining all evening long because they are overtired so I started letting them cry it out and found Matthew will give in within minutes and go back to sleep but Brady, that kid is persistant! Yesterday he screamed for over a half hour before I gave in and let him up but regretted it all afternoon because he wouldn't stop whining and wanted to be held the entire time then fell asleep eating dinner...LITERALLY! He was chewing a bite then fell asleep so Ben yelled "Brady, wake up it isn't bed time" and he woke up and kept chewing.

The babies are loving their new playroom. They are not very happy that they are not allowed in during daycare hours. Matthew and Aubrey stood at the gate screeching and shaking it until I diverted their attention towards something else. Brady discovered he can go down the slide head first and the other two boys love to sit at the top until you pull on their pants and they come down the slide. Aubrey is not so sure of it but she does love to swing and Brady is more than happy to push her.


  1. It figures that there would be at least one "hold out" at naptime. LOL It would be a miracle if all slept peacefully for the same amount of time, huh?
    The birthday party pics were great! It looked like a fun day for all :)
    Sweet that Brady was cheering his brother on...sounds like things are getting more fun with each passing day :)

  2. Ahhh...the joys of multiples. It happens often that the girls have different ideas of naps and schedules in mind than we do. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have just 1 baby?

  3. All the time Amy...ALL.THE.TIME! It wouldn't be half the fun though :)

  4. so dang cute! that Brady cheering them on.


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