Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our life in numbers

We waited 10 long years to welcome these 4 little blessings into our life and now that they have been here almost 1 year I look back and wondered how we made it this far all healthy and happy.

When we first came home from the hospital we would have approximately 250 diaper changes per week. Now we are down to about 200. We go through about 4 tubs of wipes a week as well. Due to the generosity of our friends and family who attended my shower and brought diapers with them, gift certificates from diapers.com, and our very own diaper fairy we have yet to spend 1 cent on diapers! AMAZING! Unfortunately that is going to be coming to an end in another month or so when our diaper stock is depleted.

We now give at least 16 baths per week, do 15 loads of laundry per week, and go through 56-84 change of clothes/pajamas per week.

During our formula only days we would go through 13 cans of formula a week, thankfully we are now down to 8. The 32 bottles per day, every 3 hours has now evolved into 16 sippy cups of formula and 8 cups of juice (2oz juice, 6 oz water)per day. Before they began table food but after they began eating baby food 3 meals a day we would go through 84 jars per week of fruits and veggies as well as 2 containers of rice and 2 of oatmeal. Now they can eat a whole container of Gerber Puffs in a sitting for snack!

The babies have grown so much from the preemie clothing and diapers to now being in size 3 and 4 diapers, 9 month, 12 month, 18 month clothing, size 2, 3 and 4 shoes. Teeth are big here! They collectively have 17.

We have dealt with 1 bout of pneumonia, 11 ear infections, 5 cases of the croup, 2 cases of bronciolitis and several colds. We have gone to 6 well child check ups and collectively they have had 68 immunizations with more to come in 2 weeks. They recieved 24 shots of Synagis to prevent RSV.

In the past 355 days these 4 babies have tried our patience 1,000,000 times but have taught us more about love and life than we could ever imagine. I am sure in the coming years they will continue to try our patience but it is just a reminder of how lucky we are to have the 4 of them.


  1. All I can say is WOW. When you put things in numbers like that it really does blow your mind. You and Ben are blessed x 4 and those 10 years probably prepared you to be the best parents although we never really wanted to go through infertility. That is amazing that you have not had to buy diapers yet. I am now the queen of pricing out the best deals for diapers along with all my coupon clipping. I hope the next year is just as good as the 1st.

  2. Wow! Thanks for writing this post. It's mind boggling to read how much food, formula and diapers that you have used. The quads will get a kick out of reading these stats one of these days.

    I'm thankful that your first year with the babies has been such a good one. I hope that the next one is even better :)

  3. Impressive! I am amazed that you haven't had to buy diapers yet. That is fantastic. I love this post idea.

  4. That was the best post I've ever read, Kari! Absolutely amazing. Brings tears to my eyes. :)

    Diapers.com has had the best deals IMO for future reference :)

    Keep up the great work!!!!

  5. Wow! That's truly amazing. I'm sure that the babies will love reading about this one day. You have done such an amazing job during this 1st year of their lives. I often think of you when I am feeling tried and stressed with my one baby! It really puts things in perspective! Thanks for sharing.


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