Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Jabber Jaws

The babies have all become so vocal, talking, yelling, screaching. They have been experimenting with putting words together. Matthew is saying dada, dad, momma, ma, baba, and more. Brady is saying BaaBaa when Ben says to say dada so he thinks he can't say the D's yet, I tell him he is saying Ben...LOL! He also says momma, up, more and his favorite, Haha. Aubrey is saying momma, dada, daddy (sounds more like da-ee), hi, and yeah. Cameron says momma, dada, baba, gunk (when you tell him to say uncle) and Ben and I both swear that he is saying a naughty word!

Still no walkers but they are getting around like crazy now. Cameron and Matthew are still doing the belly crawl but Aubrey and Brady are up and fast! Matthew, Aubrey and Brady are all pulling up and Brady is walking the furniture thinking he can let go whenever he wants to.

Cameron is going to have a P/T evaluation to look at why he only moves one leg when he crawls. He always used one leg more than others so his new Early Supports Coordinator thinks an evaluation is in need.

The boys are definitely bigger drama queens than Aubrey. Matthew will fling his head back and cry while looking around be sure people are paying attention. Brady plops himself on the ground, spreads his legs, puts his forehead on the ground and cries. Cameron will clench his fists and grunt then cry. It kills me!

They all love music and love to dance to it. Aubrey has figured out how to make our cell phones play the music and can even record herself. That girl is going to love the phone.

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  1. Isn't life exciting these days? LOL I used to be a nanny of twins, and couldn't believe all of the things they got into at such a young age...and silence? It didn't exist--unless they were asleep!


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