Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1 year check up

It was time to visit the pediatrician again on Monday and she was very impressed with the progress that the babies have all made in the past 3 months. They still have not quite caught up with their actual age but are doing things well beyond their adjusted age. It seems each of them excels in a different category and hopefully they will all continue to learn from each other and catch up to their actual age soon.

Chicken pox are going around in our town so I requested that they get that immunization now as well as the flu shot so they only gave the babies one other scheduled vaccine. We go back in a month for the flu booster and they will also get the rest of the 12 month vaccines at that time. I worried that I would end up with 4 poxed babies that would in turn pass them onto the infants in day care.

They had their last hip checks and no issues! They seem to all have great eyes which I was happy to hear due to the fact Aubrey had ROP as a newborn and it took a little while to clear up. Their pediatrician was thrilled that they were done with bottles and she was happy to hear that we will be doing extended rear facing for all of them. We are going to start adding in some milk to the cups of formula to wean them off of formula and onto whole milk. She said we should give them each 20 oz per day so we figured it out to be 5 gallons of milk per week just for them to drink! I think we should seriously consider buying a cow!

All in all it was a great check up and the babies were pretty good about getting their shots but they are all super crabby still and I am thinking it is from the the shots. They all got weighed and measured for the first time officially in 3 months. I still cannot believe that Matthew and Cameron are both the exact same weight and height. Matthew looks much smaller than Cameron but they double checked and they are! Their current stats are:

weight- 21 lbs 12 oz 25th percentile
length- 29 1/2" 30th percentile
head circumference- 18 1/4" 50th percentile

weight- 25 lbs 5 oz 90th percentile
length- 31" 80th percentile
head circumference- 19" 90th percentile

weight- 18 lbs 6 oz 5th percentile
length- 28" 25th percentile
head circumference- 18" 70th percentile

weight- 21 lbs 12 oz 25th percentile
length- 29 1/2" 30th percentile
head circumference- 18 1/2" 70th percentile


  1. Awesome stats!!! I'm glad they are doing so well and catching up. I already think we go through enough milk in our house, I can't imagine buying double that. A cow might be a good idea. LOL

  2. Great news!
    wow, 5 gallons a week, crazy!
    Are there any milkmen up there?
    We have one for just us and the twins but they are based in RI.


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