Thursday, September 16, 2010

Four Little Piggies

I think these little piggies are going to eat us out of house and home! The four of them eat as much as Ben and I do at dinner time. Breakfast is typically consists of toast, french toast, pancakes, nutragain bar, yogurt or cereal with some fruit and a 5-6 oz cup of formula. Lunch is whatever the day care kids eat that day, we follow the USDA food program guidelines so they get the protein, bread, fruit/veg, and formula with lunch too. Snack is a healthy snack with juice then dinner is whatever we are having (meat, potato, veg) with another cup of formula. Then they finish off the night with an 8 oz cup of formula at bed time.

Usually I try to make them eat pretty healthy with the occasional sweets, like birthday cake or ice cream. Ben has other ideas! He thinks that there is nothing wrong with junk all the time so he is constantly asking if the kids can have this or that and I am constantly saying no. Yesterday he REALLY wanted to bring them to McDonald's since it is his favorite restaurant of all time so I gave in and the kids loved it! Between the four of them they gobbled up a double cheeseburger, 4 pc nugget, small fries and a vanilla yogurt. I know we are winning parent of the year award for treating our almost one year olds a McDonald's feast! Hey you only live once!



  1. Did you request McDonald's buy another high chair to accomadate you guys?

  2. Now your little guys are officially "kids"--they've been exposed to McDonalds! LOL Gotta' love those happy meals--but without french fries? NOT! Those meals have been making kids happy for as long as I can remember :) Way to go Ben!


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