Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is it really September already?

It was such a beautiful summer but it went by far too quickly. We were fortunate enough to take a few mini vacations, spend some time at the lake and the babies were able to play outside a lot. The weather is still unusually warm here right now but I am sure that will turn around soon enough so for now we are trying to get in as many walks and as much outdoor time as possible. I definitely can wait for the snow to come. The thought of bundling all four of them up to leave the house does not excite me one bit. Last year it was so simple with their bundle me's in the car seat.

September is a big month for our family. Ben's birthday is tomorrow, the big 1st birthday party is next weekend and of course the big day when our babies become one year olds is on the 17th.

A few more pictures to share...




  1. All of the pictures turned out great! Thanks for sharing them with us. Happy Birthday to Ben!

  2. I love the family shot. That came out awesome and of course, your color choice was awesome!!!! Tell Ben Happy Birthday!!!


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