Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bye Bye Sippy Cups

When the quads went to the dentist in December I was told all their teeth looked great but we should be trying to get them on to open top cups.  With their next dental appointment rapidly approaching I figured I needed to bite the bullet and get working on this and I am pleasantly surprised at how well they are doing.  The first day was great...very few spills, ok with the idea of being big kids and drinking plenty of fluids.  Day two brought many wet towels from clean up and some tears about wanting covers on their cups but we all powered through.  I am not about to throw them all out because we will still need them for car rides but they are doing great.  Another bitersweet moment that proves they are becoming big kids right before our very eyes.


  1. Could you instead used the closed cups with the straws?

    1. We chose not to do that just to go to open cups. We are a week out now and they are doing fabulous! As for car rides, they take the straws out and dump them everywhere so we will stick with sippy cups for now. We don't go on long rides often.


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