Thursday, April 28, 2011

Doggies and Foxes and Llamas OH MY!

The boys have never gotten attached to lovies like Aubrey has with her "snuggie". She has loved that thing since she was a newborn and still sleeps with it each nap and bedtime and she has a matching one in the car for car rides. The boys will sleep with anything or nothing at all...until recently!

Each of the boys picked out a stuffed animal from their toy box of stuffed animals and decided to sleep with it. In fact Brady has gotten so attached to his "dog-a" that he has to take the doggie down stairs with him in the morning to snuggle on the couch for a bit before giving it up.

The newest activity that they love to do with their lovies is have Ben and I give kisses to them when we kiss everyone good night! It cracks me up to watch Cameron smack his lips together while holding his fox up for me to kiss. Matthew yells "llama, llama!" like don't forget to kiss it. Aubrey looks at you like "kiss my snuggie and die!"

Brady and his doggie

Aubrey and her snuggie

Matthew, not thrilled about bed time, and his llama

Cameron and his fox

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  1. Those snuggies and stufft animals are very important in our house as well. The girls actually have the same one that Aubrey has. I love the kiss rountine!!! We have something similar too. It is so funny what they catch on to and enjoy!


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