Tuesday, April 5, 2011

18 month Well Child Check

Today was the quaddlers well child check and it was so nice to be able to have them all walk into the office rather than trying to find a place to store the infant seats, stroller or choo choo wagon. Their pediatrician said they are above where they should be at 18 months as far as the things they are doing, knowing all their body parts, naming people and things, and their language skills. She was not at all concerned with Cameron having only a fraction of the words the others have especially since he has great comprehension skills. I was concerned about him not hearing well but she doesn't think that is an issue. We are going to keep an eye on him and try to make him use his words and see where he is in another couple of months.

They got the last shot they need before it is time for kindergarden which will make doctors visits much more pleasant from here out. It is so great to know they are all doing so well after being born 8 weeks early and keeping up with their full term peers!

Their stats at 18 months:

23 lbs 14 oz 25th percentile
32" long 50th percentile
19 1/8" head circumference 75th percentile

28 lbs 15 oz 90th percentile
33.5" long 90th percentile
20" head circumference 95th percentile

21 lbs 10th percentile
30.5" long 25th percentile
18 7/8 head circumference 90th percentile

24 lbs 15.5 oz 50th percentile
31 3/4" long 50th percentile
19 1/2" head circumference 90th percentile

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  1. Yay for a good visit and I loved when the shots were over for a long time!!! Wow the quads are growing well. My girls at 2 years are smaller than some of your boys...right in line with Aubrey.


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