Saturday, February 5, 2011

You asked...we answered

I was hoping to get several more questions to answer to have as some great memories for the babies memory books but we got three that I am happy to answer!

#1 When keeping twins I always found it difficult to transport two babies/toddlers to and from the house (by myself) and into their car seats, or from the car seats back into the house, when going on outings. How do you do it with the quaddlers.

As infants it was so easy to just carry two infant seats up, leaving them in the living room, return to the van to get the other two. Now with the mobile monsters it is a little more difficult because no one wants to be left in the house for just a couple seconds! Now if I go out on my own I bring two down, leaving the other two in the living room, and put them in their seats, come grab the other two then buckle them all in. I am hoping in another couple months we will all be able to walk out together and back in the house together.

#2 How do you and your husband find time to be a couple? We have only two toddlers and I am finding it much harder than when I had singletons-and you have four to entertain and chase.

Honestly for the first year we really didn't have any couple time. I think it was mostly my fault because I feel a tremendous guilt for every moment that I am not with the babies and it is so much worse when Ben and I both leave them. Now we have finally started doing Date Nights/Days at least once every couple of weeks and having a close friend or family member watch them. It is still hard to leave them but I know we have to find ways to still be a couple while being parents. It has been a very rough adjustment for us.

#3 How do you get anything done (chore wise) my kids are 3 yrs (daughter)and 8 mo. (son) and I find I struggle to get my normal household tasks accomplished every day?

I am very lucky to have all four babies be able to put themselves to sleep at 7 pm every night. We read them stories while they drink a milk cup, brush their teeth, give them kisses and walk out the door. I am then able to do any housework that I didn't get done during the day. Nap time is typically 1.5-2 hours per day as well and I am home with them all day. My day care kids sleep at the same time as my kids so it is really some free time to accomplish whatever might need to be done. Having four of them the same age they do entertain each other for short periods during the day so I can sweep the floor, load the dishwasher, etc. I definitely have not been able to do my bi-yearly "spring cleaning" like I used to but finally at 16 months old I got my first one done!

#4 How do you handle all the attention that you and the quads get when you are out in public? Also do you get much negative attention?

Most of the time I am ok with the attention we get except for when people are outright rude. We can hardly go anywhere without someone snapping pictures, asking questions and or giving their two cents of advice. In general we will answer the questions we are asked politely, smile, and then move along however when we get rude comments or totally uncalled for questions it makes my blood boil. The "better you than me" comment irritates me the most. Yes it is better that they are mine because I appreciate the gift I was given when clearly the commentor would not. The obvious "you have your hands full" is annoying but I just answer "better full than empty" or "not as full as my heart". Interestingly it is when we are closest to home that we get people making snide comments or rude remarks whereas when we are in Southern NH, MA, ME or CT people are more polite and usually tell us how blessed we are or how amazing it is to have such miracles.


  1. i love this idea, i think i may have to copy it! hehehe
    and i have to agree that couple time is the hardest thing to accomplish! at almost 18 months old now, i feel like i have a good handle on everything, except couple time. that seems to be the hardest.

  2. I know this is late, but, how do you handle all the attention you and the quads get when you are out in public? Also, do you get much negative attention?

  3. We have such a hard time finding date time! Our families are so far away, and while I don't mind leaving my girls with the neighbor, I feel bad leaving the twins (the neighbor is older, and I think it would be too hard on her, you know?) I need a good sitter I trust...

  4. Jayme, I have only left them with a "sitter" once but I am fortunate to have been doing child care for so long I had two of the girls I started out with that are now 14 come watch them while we went to dinner. I know that they will be great go to sitters!

  5. How do you deal with having your own kids plus the daycare kids? How many kids do you have all day? I'm amazed and impressed with how much you do! Keep up the great work!


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