Friday, February 25, 2011

Speaking Quadanese!

Stealing the phase from a fellow quad momma, the babies have been having a ball talking to each other all the time even though I don't understand most of what they say to each other they obviously do because if one babbles the others know exactly what he or she wants and goes, gets it and brings it back to them.

Cameron is my least vocal and has even lost a lot of words the past month but he completely understands directions you give him or the other quads give him. Aubrey sits on the recliner, aka her throne, and Cameron caters to her every whim. Yesterday she asked for a blanket and Cameron brought her every single blanket he could find in the whole house!


The words I am able to translate from Quadanese are so cute to hear them say!

blanket = bankie or bankbet
thanks = danks
please = peas
kiss = mah
Brady = Bayde
Cameron = Cam or Keeemm
Aubrey = sees, sissy or Aubee
Matthew = Matt
slipper = sleeepah
up = bup or upa upa upa
cup = bup, cupa cupa or baba
Chuggington = chuggy
supper = suppy or suppa
garbage = gargage
yucky = ca ca
Mylee = Mymy
Makalyn = Kalyn or KK
Konner = Kakar
Tanner = Tann
Uncle = gunk
go to bed = go go
get out = gout
get in = gein
banana = nana
color = collah
snack = nack
bath time =dat time
naughty = nawnaw or nawie

The list could go on and on but I can't think of anymore right now. I will end this post with some pictures of brotherly/sisterly love...or rather Matthew trying to kiss everyone and them trying to get the heck away from him!





  1. We know exactly what you mean about their quad talk. They understand each other and its us left to wonder what they are talking about. Ours are getting more and more vocal everyday, Elizabeth is getting to the point she'll repeat everything you say. When she was about their age she had a bunch of 2 syllable words but dropped to to 1 syllable words but was picking up more words, and now she's starting to form sentence. Zachary is the least vocal but just recently is starting to pick.

  2. I love that sweet little Mathew, how adorable! And yes, I wish I could speak quadanese too


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