Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tiny tornados!

Brady has discovered how to open doors! All four of them have been trying to get the door to the bathroom open for a couple weeks now but today the little monster succeeded. I was looking all over for him this morning to give him breakfast when all of a sudden the bathroom door opened and Brady yelled "BOO!" He apparently opened the bathroom door, went in, closed it and had a field day unrolling the brand new roll of toilet paper.

The boys seem to think the way to get something they want is by pushing, hitting, and rolling on each other. They turn our living room into a scene from WWF! Sometimes they will just push each other over for the fun of it.

Within 5 minutes of getting up from nap all four of our downstairs rooms are turned upside down! I wish that I had a fourth of the energy that each of the boys have. Aubrey is much calmer than they are, she will sit on the couch and look at books or play with her babies while the tornadoes swirl around her! I guess that is my reward for putting up with her diva attitude!


  1. Sound exactly like our 3 boys and girl. They've haven't quite mastered opening the doors here in the house, but they were able to on vacation in December, and other people's houses. Apparently our knobs are a little higher. We don't put the toilet paper on the roll, cause if its in reach then its all over the place.

  2. This sounds just like my kids! In fact, last night we were staying at my in-laws, and the kids were all upstairs waiting to go to bed. I went up to check on them just as Parker was coming down. She told me, "Mommy! Brett, Kaden and Cooper in the bathroom!" Sure enough, they were in the bathroom having a good old time. Brett was unrolling the toilet paper, Cooper had soap all over, and Kaden was getting a drink of water! My boys are a handful! Parker is the biggest diva, but she definitely doesn't tear things apart like the boys do!


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