Thursday, February 3, 2011

These kids crack me up!

Oh the things that these kids do and say crack me up on a regular basis. It is so fun to see them developing their personalities and see them making each other laugh. All four of them love when you sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and attempt to do the hand motions that go along with the song. It is so funny to hear them try to sing. God I hope they have more singing talent than both of their parents or we are going to be investing in some high quality ear plugs!

For Christmas they got the Fisher Price FP3 player and they all love it! I put all their favorite music on it and they find the song of choice and play it. Of course they like to skip the songs if their brothers or sister are enjoying it. Little turkeys! Brady has become quite a dancer, he will spin around with his hands up in the air then dive to the ground, do some break dancing and back up again. Aubrey tries to follow Brady's moves but since she is not walking yet she does it all either on her knees or all fours. She looks like a little puppy chasing her tail. Matthew and Cameron prefer to just sit there and bop their heads. I have been trying so hard to get a video of this but they immediately stop dancing when they see me take that thing out. I keep telling Ben we should be saving for four kids to take dance lessons but he is insistant that Aubrey will be the only one attending dance classes...stay tuned a couple years to see how that all plays out!

The all love to tease us! We ask them if they love mommy/daddy and they shake their head and say "NO!" and just laugh! We will tickle them or say "WHAT?!?!" and they laugh even louder. Hide and seek is a fun game to play for them right now. They will hide behind anything and peek out with a "BOO!" and laugh at us. Cameron especially cracks me up because when he plays he will cover his mouth and nose but leave his eyes uncovered. So funny!

We always color code their cups so we know which one belongs to each of them. The babies even have picked up on this and know who's cup they have. We just say "Is that your cup?" and they will take another sip then give it to whomever it belongs to. Cameron is the best one at doing this. He will find something randomly hanging around and brings it to whomever was playing with it last. Just the other day Brady was playing with a play spoon and Aubrey wanted it soooo bad but he wouldn't give it to her. Cameron watched this for a few minutes and toddled off only to return with a spoon for Aubrey. He loves his sister so much even though she screeches at him every time he tries to kiss her.

Somedays I wonder where these kids came from...I HATE condiments! I eat salad with no dressing, chips with no dip, bagels with no cream cheese and most of all NO KETCHUP! This week we were having french fries with lunch and the day care kids asked for some ketchup. Aubrey saw this and immediately pointed at her plate and said "ME!" So I gave her a little and the boys as well. Imagine my surprise when Aubrey, who has been battling me with veggies on a daily basis dunked all her green beans in it and ate every single one of them! Matthew and Brady dunked away as well and I think Cameron would have too if it wasn't for the fact that it would have gotten his fingers dirty.

The boys are very intrigued with their private parts lately. Brady always sticks his hand down my shirt and says boobies and now he finds any DVD's with a cute girl on it and kiss it and say boobies. What a little pervert! Bath time consists on one hand on a toy and the other on their pee pee. Aubrey is a little confused as to where hers is! She reaches for it and gives dirty looks to the boys.

The other day Matthew had us laughing and Ben swore he didn't teach him so I am not sure where he came up with it but I was changing his diaper and he grabbed himself and said "Ball" so I said "no, that is your pee pee". Matthew looked at me and said "no!" reached down further and said "Ball!" I think we are in trouble with that kid!

Their father did teach them how to head butt though. Brady will come running from across the room and yell "Heybutt" and smash his head into his victim of choice. The others have now picked up on it too so it is super fun to get 4 heads coming at you all at once. When we end up in the ER for a broken nose or fractured skull you know who to blame that one on!

As I am walking around in nice warm clothes the babies are obsessed with being naked at night except for diapers and of course their "sliiiiippers". Aubrey and I have daily arguments over her needing to keep clothes on during the day. Ben has been drying them off when they finish bathing and then they run around the bathroom completely naked until I get them dressed. The other night, as I was dressing Cameron, Brady was waiting patiently for his turn when he shocked himself by peeing on the wall. You should have seen his face...he was thinking WTF???

They all are little copy cats, if they see us laughing at one baby for doing something they all do it to get our attention. Our lives must have been so boring before the quads! It feels like that life never existed, the life that is here and now so crazy but absolutely rewarding when you get a random kiss or hug from one of the little munchkins!

Warning to viewer: Videographer needs some lessons on how to keep the camera steady!

Dancing fools

Aubrey's dancing skills

Newest sport in the Hickey home

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  1. I love the videos! Your kiddos are so adorable. I absolutely LOVE the little butt crack peaking out in the last video. Soooo cute!


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