Friday, October 30, 2009

My what big kids we have!

The babies have gone a couple 4 hour stretches between feedings and we are hoping to get them to doing that every time. An extra hour sleep would be AMAZING at this point! Last night all but Brady did a 4 hour stretch he thought he needed to eat every couple hours and did it ever show at his weigh in this morning...he gained 10oz since Monday!

Our home health nurse came today to meet the babies and check in on their weights, I think she was pleasantly surprised to see them all doing so well and gaining at a perfect rate. Everyday we are so grateful for how healthy all four of them are, it is very rare to have a preemie with out having any health issues and even more rare to have four. We talked about things that they should be doing between birth and 6 weeks and they are doing them all already without correcting their age. They all can lift their heads and turn them side to side when on their belly and back, it amazes me! They love tummy time and most of the time after playing for a bit they end up falling asleep on their belly. I wish that they could sleep like that at night they sleep best on their bellies. Here are their latest weights...

Matthew 7 lbs 4 oz (up 9 oz since Monday)
Brady 8 lbs 5 oz (up 10 oz since Monday)
Aubrey 5 lbs 10 oz (up 6 oz since Monday)
Cameron 6 lbs 1 oz (up 5 oz since Monday)

I was thinking that having preemies they would stay small for quite awhile but I was so wrong. They are all already out of the preemie sized clothes and Brady needs me to dig him out some 0-3 month stuff for him and they haven't even reached what would have been their due date yet. I think I need to find a time machine to keep them small awhile longer!

Next week is Ben's final chemo treatment! We are hoping that his pet scan and blood work show that he is in remission and ready to start feeling well again. I know that he will be able to enjoy the babies much more when he feels like his old self. His physical therapist said his strength in his legs is starting to get better so we are hoping that there is hope for a recovery of that as well. It has been quite a year for our family and we are ready to go into 2010 healthy and happy!

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