Sunday, October 18, 2009

Change of plans

Cameron had a bradyacardia spell last night and he stopped breathing for a few seconds at a time several times before it so they aren't going to let him come home on Monday. So we are on a five day spell count down now and hopefully will be home on Thursday.

Brady has adjusted to being home with us quite well. He is sleeping great at night and is no problem waiting his turn to eat or be held. He is such a good boy hopefully he stays that way. He is starting to be awake a little more during the day, maybe now he will stop getting so chunky from being so lazy.

Matthew is doing good too. He thinks 9 pm to midnight is play time but other than that he sleeps well at night and is alert for small periods in the day that seem to get longer each day. He sounds like a little chipmunk when he starts making noises and Brady does it back to him so I think they are speaking in their own language.

Aubrey is having a hard time adjusting to life outside of the hospital. She decided to stay up until 5 am this morning and now thinks she need to sleep all day long to make up for it. I hope she has a better night tonight.

Ben is headed home on Tuesday for his next to last treatment so Auntie Kate is coming to spend some time with the babies. Ben and I think we should stick Aubrey with her and I take the boys...LOL!


  1. I'm sorry Cameron had a little setback - hopefully you'll have him home on Thursday! Sounds like everything else is going well. I hope Aubrey adjusts soon. - Tkeys

  2. Sorry abut Cameron's delay in coming home, but it sounds like Aubrey is keeping you busy in his absence! We have an Aubrey Cate in our family and she's quite a handful! LOL

  3. Sorry to hear of Cameron's lil mishap! He will get better, and will be with you all soon!
    Glad the others are doing good and I'm certain Aubrey will get her night/days back on track soon!


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