Friday, October 23, 2009


The babies and I gave Ben quite a surprise last night when we showed up at home at 7:00. He didn't expect us because Cameron had failed his car seat test but one of the nurses had him try a car bed and he passed!

Kate and I picked Cameron up at the hospital then went and got my mom's car loaded up and the other babies and we were on our way! It was a long ride, the car bed takes up 2 seats so I sat on a milk crate in the back so I could keep an eye on the kids while Kate drove.

We had to stop and get them out of their seats every hour so our first stop was in Concord at Michael's. People were in amazement that there were four of them and everyone asked questions about them. Next we stopped at Allison's office to change and feed them all then finally home. They all slept well and adjusted to the new surroundings.

I was given a great surprise when I got home too. Our friends and family did a beautiful cleaning on our house. Our dryer was burning up so my mom got us a new one, thank god, I don't know what we would do without one of them. We had a new microwave and toaster oven, a new step on the porch and a new bedroom that looks like it came straight out of Extreme Makeover!

We don't know how to even begin thanking everyone for all they have done for us, we are so fortunate! We are so happy to be home!


  1. Oh congrats Kari! You have your family all together now. I am just smiling ear to ear for you and your family. What a nice surprise to come home to. I'm sure the kiddos will get used to their home very soon. :)

  2. What wonderful news!! It must be so wonderful to finally all be home together. - Tkeys


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