Thursday, October 1, 2009

Family Meeting

We had our family meeting with the babies doctor and one of the primary nurses toda to find out how the babies are all doing. It seems like all we get is they are doing great but there hasn't been any changes in their routine since they moved into the intermediate care.

The doctor said they are all doing fantastic and passed all the screening for common issues that they see in preemies born at 32 weeks. She thinks they will need to be in their isolettes for another couple weeks so they can maintain their heat without any assistance. She also said they need to start eating from a bottle and nursing. Brady and Matthew are becoming pros at nursing and Aubrey and Cameron are figuring it out now too. Brady and Matthew have both tried a bottle for their primary nurse, Doreen (who we all LOVE!) and the each took 10 ml from it so far.

All the babies have tried a bath this week and they all loved it! Cameron gave me a little bath today when I was undressing him for his turn in the tub...naughty boy!

All the babies have grown some this week, here is the latest stats...
Matthew 4 lbs 9 oz 17.5"
Brady 4lbs 15 oz 18"
Aubrey 3 lbs 5oz 16"
Cameron 3lbs 11 oz 16.75"


  1. It sounds like things are moving right along and the kiddos are growing nicely. I'm so glad they are getting a chance to nurse and they are figuring it out so quickly. Keep the updates coming.

  2. Sounds great they are doing so well. Glad they are nursing great as well.

  3. Such great news! They are getting so big, too! The hardest thing is getting them to learn to eat, and it sounds like they are way ahead of the game already.

    As for the bath before the bath - boys do that, and you'll probably get a lot of it with 3 boys!!! I always kept it covered when I was changing his diaper - either with the diaper or a wipe. One time, I thought there was water dripping from the ceiling for a second or two before I realized it was my son's personal sprinkler system soaking me!! - Tkeys


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