Saturday, October 3, 2009

What big boys!

Matthew and Brady have decided that they are big enough to take a bottle now and are loving it! Ben got to feed them both yesterday and Matthew lost some down his chin but Brady, that boy doesn't let any food go to waste and it is showing on his chubby cheeks! Ben tried burping him half way through the bottle and he was having none of that. Pretty soon he will be wearing newborn clothes as some of the preemie stuff is just too small already.

Last night they had their isolettes turned off so hopefully they are holding their heat and will be out of them and into open air cribs in a couple days. One more step closer to coming home!

Cameron and Aubrey are starting to get the hang of nursing but have no desire to have the bottle yet, I am sure that will come soon. They don't like to be shown up by their big brothers! They are still much smaller so they just don't have the energy to do as much yet.

Tonight is our CPR class then we are all set with things we need to do in order to bring them home. Now it is all up to them to eat and grow!


  1. At this rate, I'm not going to end up seeing them again in Boston! What great news that they are eating so well and are holding their heat. :) Amazing babies!!

  2. Oh I just LOOOOOVED catching up with the little ones and reading about them and how you are all doing. I'm so glad things are progessing so well and will still be praying for not 'setbacks' as you mentioned. So glad to hear you're nursing them. You are all such miracles and such an inspiration with my own complicated pregnancy!!!

  3. Wonderful progress!! - Tkeys

  4. That is so wonderful. I am so happy to hear all of how they are progressing so well.

  5. Awesome news!!!! Congrats!!!

    Grow babies, grow!!!!


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