Saturday, October 10, 2009

crazy week

It is always more hectic when Ben is gone and I am here with the four of them but this week was a little easier because Brady and Matthew are on demand feeding now which means we don't wake them up exactly 3 hours from the last time they were up to take their temp, change and feed them. Up until Tuesday we had 2 that were ready to be done up at a time and when I was alone last time I was running around like crazy! This week my mom came to help a day then my dad for two days and Tonya for the last day.

Wednesday all the kids had their hearing tests and passed with flying colors! Matthew and Brady got their circumcisions and Matthew was not at all happy about it! Brady could have cared less once the bottle hit his mouth. Both boys are getting their pictures done tomorrow.

Matthew did not pass his car seat test on Friday so he won't be coming home with us tomorrow. :( His oxygen level went down a little when he was sitting in it for the 90 minutes so they are going to repeat it tomorrow and if he passes then he is headed home on Tuesday.

Brady passed his car seat test but he had a bradyacardia spell on Thursday so he has to wait five days before he can be released. Hopefully he doesn't have anymore spells so he can come home Tuesday too.

Aubrey needs to be rescreened for her vision in a couple weeks because of her birth weight. Apparently if you are born under 2 kilograms you are at a higher risk for needing eye surgery but they think she should pass it because the first test was really good. She moved in to a regular crib yesterday and is holding her heat well. She is taking some bottles now but still has her tube in to finish up her feedings.

Cameron is taking almost all his feeding by bottle now but he still has his feeding tube in to take the rest just in case he tuckers out. He has been in a crib for a couple days now and is doing great! He has a small hernia in his groin area that they are considering doing surgery on to remove. Poor baby he seems to be the one that has to deal with all the obstacles.

Ben was able to get his chemo this week even though his white blood count was really low. He got the Nulasta shot this time around so hopefully it will boost his counts. That was the only thing that he did differently last time by not taking it. If the counts don't go up this time they want to try another bone marrow scan to see what is going on. Ben really doesn't want to do that because it was so painful the last time around. He really missed the babies this week and is on his way down no to go see them. I think that Cameron missed him too, he is usually so calm and whenever Ben is gone he cries a lot then he comes back and Cameron chills right out again.


  1. Wow, it sounds like things are getting busier by the day! I hope you are managing to catch a little rest break once in a while. Best wishes to Ben, I hope he can avoid the bone marrow scan--and enjoy his babies instead! Blessings to all of you, Kathy in GA

  2. How exciting that you are so close to having a few of them home! Hope that nursing is still going well, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for little Cameron!

    When is the next time Ben is away? I'd love to come up again, and if I can come up and actually help you so you aren't alone, let me know what would work best.

  3. Wow, Kari..I don't know how you keep up with it all. You seem like a very organized mamma and I'm sure you will need to be even more organized once the kiddos start coming home. I hope everything goes smooth in the next couple of days and you get to have those first two boys home with you.

    I'm still keeping Ben in my thoughts and prayers and I hope those white cell counts come up soon.

    Take care,

  4. Hang in there mama, you're doing great! Prayers are going out to you all for the babies to keep getting healthier and for Ben to be having better counts ASAP!!!! Eve


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