Friday, November 11, 2011

The upside and downside of potty trained kids

I love saving $150 a month without needing to purchase diapers. It was an amazing feeling to hit skip delivery on all my Amazon stuff this month. It is great that we are saving the environment more than 700 diapers per month. They love being big kids wearing underwear and going on the potty.

Bringing a potty chair everywhere and using it on the side of the road is not always great, especially as it is getting colder. Hearing them yell "I have to go potty/pee/poop" 10 minutes after you finally get them all laid down for the night just to have them NOT go when you bring them is enough to make you go crazy but you don't want to not take them and have them have an accident. I now can critique the cleanliness of all public restrooms in a 30 mile radius as we visit each one repeatedly on each visit to that store/resturant/convenience store.

They are all day trained, Matthew is even night trained! Aubrey was the super star in the beginning but she is the one that has accidents occassionally now. All in all it has been a great experience but it is also sad that they have grown so much that there is one more thing that screams they are no longer babies!

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