Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Terrible Twos...

The fighting, pinching, hitting, pushing, etc have been hitting new highs this past week. They are a handful! I was once told by a fellow quad momma that 2's are's 3 that has you on your knees praying you make it to 4. Ben asked when they were going to be out of this phase and I had to break this news to him.

Even though they are enough to make a sane person insane by the end of the day this age is also so much fun. They love to play and use their imaginations, color, play doh, and their new favorite is painting. We are able to let them walk when we go places now as long is it is just a short trip in a store they walk and help carry the groceries. Matthew is a big fan of the grocery store! When Ben and I were talking last week about how they were going to a sleepover at Auntie's while we went Christmas shopping, Matthew started pouting and whining "Don't go grocery shopping without meeeeeeeee!" I had to promise him that we wouldn't and when I went to pick him up in the morning he made sure that we didn't.

Christmas shopping for two year olds is a tough job. We went to store after store and ended up empty handed in most. We were able to find them 4 big in size, not in price, gifts from Santa for them all to share and then finding things from us was hard too. They basically have guns or cars for boys...they have a ton of cars and I don't think they need to be practicing shooting each other just yet so we searched and found them some different trucks and a case of play dress up shoes for Aubrey. They each are getting boots for winter and I am planning on hitting up some black friday sales online to find them each a movie for long car rides. We don't do all out here, there isn't room and they don't need anything!

Cameron had his tubes done last week and there is already a difference in his speech. He is saying things more clearly, saying words he never said, and others are understanding him more. His speech therapist said that he has all his letter sounds just doesn't always use them so that is good news!

We are enjoying these warm for the time of year in this area days by getting outside as much as possible. Ben brought home a couple of "cycles" (a police motorcycle and a trike) the other day and they are the cause of many fights during outside time. We let them feed the bunnies carrots one day and now they want to feed them every day. Thank goodness Shaw's runs baby carrots for $1 almost weekly!

Potty training is still going well. They have accidents every now and then but they are doing great! Aubrey is finally willingly wearing underwear instead of insisting on going commando and they all will go in and go without even telling me sometimes. I do feel like I am working in a hospital though with all the pee I am dumping and potties I am cleaning.

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  1. I agree Christmas shopping for kids is tough. What I do is I buy groceries in bulk good for 3 weeks then I go shopping for my kids, saves time.


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