Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cameron gets his "Ears fix"

Ever since we found out Cameron needed to get tubes we have been talking to him about how he needs to get his ears fixed. His friend Mylee just got tubes done too so every time you ask him what the doctor is going to do he says "Get ears fix like MyMy". Smart little cookie!

This morning we had to be at DHMC for 7:30 so that meant we had to leave our house at 5:30 am and Cameron had to be done drinking his clear liquids by 6:30. I thought he would be super grumpy because that boy likes his breakfast, well actually he likes every meal, and loves his milk in the morning but he didn't even ask for either of them. Must have been the distraction of watching Mickey Mouse Club House in the van.

When we got to the outpatient surgery he was immediately showered with attention and constantly being told how adorable he is. When the nrses found out he was a quadruplet they kicked their attention up another couple of notches.

I got to go back with Cameron while he was put to sleep. He did amazing! He uses the same sort of mask to take his preventative inhaler each morning so he wasn't scared of it at all. He was asleep within moments and I went out to the waiting room with Ben. We ran out to the car to get a drink and Cameron's cup and when we got back in the waiting room they were done the surgery!

He woke up really well and was able to go home about 15 minutes later. I think he enjoyed some time with mommy and daddy going out to breakfast and then having someone ride in the back with him for the ride home. By the time we got home he was back to his old self in no time...playing and acting like a crazy kid. Love him!

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