Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saving for Disney!

We have been talking about taking the kids to Disney for awhile now but we finally nailed down a date and plan to take them just before they turn 3 to save some money. A family of 6 at 3+ would be far more expensive than what we are looking at paying before they are 3. Not that a Disney vacation is cheap at all so as a way to make some extra cash I signed on as a Scentsy consultant! I plan to save all my commission to use as our transportation and spending money. To kick off my new venture I am holding an online Mystery Hostess Party, if anyone is interested in making a purchase(either for yourself or as a Christmas gift) follow the directions below and you may just win some free stuff!

Everyone who places an order before Sunday 11/13 by using my webpage and clicking Mystery Hostess or giving me an order via phone, email or facebook has a chance of winning all the hostess credit generated from this party! Free Scentsy for you or to give as Christmas gifts just for placing an order or doing one of the things listed below! :)

1 chance for every $10 you spend!
5 chances for bringing an order from someone else!
10 chances for booking a show!
20 chances for signing up as a consultant!

Thanks for helping make our Disney dreams come true!

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